4 Tips on how to calm your second interview jitters

It’s the high-pressure situation you’ve been dreading: a second interview. You’re not sure what to expect, but you know you want it badly and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job. This leads to some very real interview anxiety, particularly if you’ve had a bad experience with an interview in the past.

You don’t want to come across as inexperienced or unqualified for the job; that’s why you hide behind a facade of nerves. So, how exactly do you train your mind how to calm down before an interview? Well, it’s all in this article. We’re going to show you how to ditch those second interview jitters and calm interview nerves by getting excited about what’s behind on the other side of your meeting.

But first, what exactly is a second interview?

What is a Second Interview?

When looking for the right person for the job, various companies tend to interview potential candidates twice. The first round is usually used to determine which applicant has the basic qualifications required for the role.

Those who pass the first screening interview are then chosen for a second-round interview. This is typically much more detailed than the first round, and will include more in-depth questions surrounding qualifications, and their ability to perform for the organization. In most cases, second interviews can be pretty nerve-racking, that’s why many people look for answers on how to calm down before an interview.

Second Interview Tips

Second Interview Tips
Second Interview Tips
Keep Up the Same Amount of Energy and Enthusiasm

The best way to calm interview nerves is to replace your anxiety with energy and enthusiasm. You must ensure that you show the recruiter that you’re motivated throughout. We know that you may feel fatigued and bored with answering different variations of the same questions over and over, but it’s important that you make a fresh, energetic impression during each interview.

Come Fully Prepared

Speaking of answering the same questions, you must ensure that your answers always align. Being prepared is a great way to calm interview nerves. The interviewer may not have transmitted the information to other colleagues correctly. In this instance, it’s vital that you continue to show them why you’re interested in the role, and relate to all of your previous experiences and qualities that will keep you at the forefront of their minds.

Show Confidence in Your Experience

Your qualifications, knowledge, and previous experiences are what got you to the second interview stage in the first place. You’re the perfect fit for the role, but does the recruiter know that? You need to be concrete when outlining your qualifications, show confidence in your answers, and even try to provide specific examples of how your strengths have helped you overcome various challenges.

With this in mind, it’s incredibly important to follow this second interview tip and continue to show confidence.

Prepare for Group Interviews

While the idea of this can seem pretty daunting, it may well be a very real occurrence. Whether it happens or not, you should definitely prepare yourself. We know that as human’s, our natural tendency is to focus on the most approachable interviewer. However, you should aim to make eye contact with all of your interviewers and direct your responses to the entire group. Keep in mind that each person will have a say in whether you land the job or not, so it’s important to develop rapport with all members.